Running With Knives


Restaurant Development

Whether you are building a new property from the ground up, renovating, re-branding an existing business or simply improving your day-to-day performance, we offer the ability to ensure that operational efficiencies and productivity levels contribute to the improved performance and success of your investment. We work with clients across a range of organizational opportunities and challenges, and help improve performance through alignment of clients' organizational structure, core services, and cultural performance ethic with its strategy, capability, and skill requirements.


Running with Knives is a group of skilled industry professionals who can:

  • Provide expertise in restaurant start-up
  • Help conduct market feasibility studies and business planning
  • Assist with restaurant and hotel food and beverage development
  • Recommend new menus and recipes
  • Offer guidance on kitchen operations
  • Advise on restaurant and kitchen design
  • Help restaurants with their financial management

Food and Wine Services


Food is the essence and core of a restaurant. Our approach when developing a new menu is to focus on creating food with integrity, honesty and great taste. We believe food made from scratch and cooked to order sets the foundation of excellence in a restaurant's food culture. Our broad experience as Executive Chefs enables us to present recipes that taste great, increase frequency and create a buzz in the community. As our client you can expect our food and beverage development to include:

  • Recipes which include detailed food product specifications
  • Local and national supplier specifications
  • Detailed recipe costing & gross profit analysis
  • Kitchen operating systems
  • Kitchen equipments & appliance specifications
  • Equipment training & maintenance procedures
  • Food handling and health & safety



Matching menus to appropriate wines is an important decision in any restaurant and we take great pride in our expertise in this field, enabling us to recommend and source wines from across the spectrum, ranging from house wines to finer rare wines of the world depending on the requirements of the restaurant. Through our relationship with sister company Nebuchadnezzar Wines, we are also well connected to wineries around the globe, with whom we can offer bespoke house wine blending and labelling services.

"Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life's most civilized pleasures"
— Michael Broadbent


Running with Knives are committed to training its clients to unlock the potential within their existing employees and recruiting dedicated personnel to strengthen their workforce in all areas of the company. We combine in-house training with specialist programmes, depending on relevance and budget, and can place job advertisements in the right places to ensure the highest calibre of applicants for a variety of roles. A summary of current vacancies within our client base can be found on our recruitment page.


We are partnered with specialists in architecture and design who can construct new buildings or develop existing restaurants in terms of back-of-house design, interior décor or the promotional literature which conveys their brand's message into the public domain. Every project should tell its own story and our expertise enables us to deliver first class planning and delivery of design services from conception through to its completion, tailored to the clients' requirements depending on size and budget. We can offer also advice on brand identity, website design, advertising concepts, direct mail, menus, signage, posters, wedding and corporate brochures and more.

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Running with Knives and its associated digital media partners can provide expert guidance on all aspects of your restaurant's online presence, specialising in website development, SEO and social media (particularly Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). Our 'Social Manager' programme enhances your digital marketing platforms, helping you to listen to the market place, engage with potential new customers and intercept new conversations to generate leads.

We'll also be able to closely monitor your competitors' progress and significantly boost your number of followers, while our SEO capabilities will make your brand more prominent in search engines and around the web.