Running with Knives works with all sectors of the hospitality industry to
achieve optimal financial, staffing and operating results at every phase of their development.


We are partnered with specialists in architecture and design who can construct new projects or develop existing restaurants in terms of back-of-house design, interior décor or the promotional literature which conveys their brand’s message into the public domain.


  • Concept Vision & Detail
  • Back of House Design
  • Site Selection
  • Floor Plans & Layouts
  • Music Policy
  • Interior Design
  • Market Studies


As restaurant owners ourselves we know that recruiting the correct team can be the difference between success and failure and so we make sure that if we are searching on behalf of a client or working with a recruitment agency we will not just place a team member for sake of filling a gap in the org chart. We try not to work with agencies and therefore avoid the extra commissions  but work through alternate channels to source the best candidates we can.


We are committed to training. Unlocking the potential within thei existing employees and recruiting dedicated personnel to strengthen their workforce in all areas of the company.

We combine in-house training with specialist programmes, depending on relevance and budget, and can place job advertisements in the right places to ensure the highest calibre of applicants for a variety of roles.


  • Training
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Human Resources
  • Uniforms
  • Recruitment


Food is the essence of a restaurant. Our approach when developing a new menu is to focus on creating food with provenance and great taste. At RWK we can assist in all areas of menu development.


  • Recipes & Costings
  • Food Menu Development
  • Suppliers Selection
  • Procurement
  • Gross Profit Analysis
  • Kitchen Operating Systems
  • Equipment training & maintenance
  • Health & Safety


Matching wines to appropriate menu is an important decision in any restaurant and we take great pride in our expertise in this field, enabling us to recommend and source wines from across the spectrum, ranging from house wines to finer rare wines of the world depending on the requirements of the restaurant. We are also well connected to wineries around the globe, with whom we can offer bespoke house wine blending and labelling services.


  • Wine Selection
  • Wine Menu Development
  • Food & Wine Pairing
  • Wine Training


Through collaboration with our partners and in-depth consultation, we deliver expert branding, design and brand communications services to help these businesses achieve their potential.

Running with Knives and its associated digital media partners can provide expert guidance on all aspects of your restaurant’s online presence, specialising in website development, SEO and social media (particularly Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). Our ‘Social Manager’ programme enhances your digital marketing platforms, helping you to listen to the market place, engage with potential new customers and intercept new conversations to generate leads.

We’ll also be able to closely monitor your competitors’ progress and significantly boost your number of followers, while our SEO capabilities will make your brand more prominent in search engines and around the web.

Our expertise is guided by best practice and driven by Intelligent Creative. This not only defines our strategic approach to every brief and the high quality of work produced, but ensures the success of every project and partnership.


  • Website Design
  • Brand Assets Development
  • Social Media Policy
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Public Relations
  • Press